Timers video

Why Dark Deer timers?

They have used Dark Deer timers

We used Dark Deer timing in the main International arena at Blair. The timing was innovative, professional and very easy to set up.
Colin Hexley BS Course Designer for Blair Athol International Horse Trials
I was very impressed, such an easy set of equipment to use & very user friendly. An excellent set of timing equipment that is sensibly priced & I would happily recommend to anyone buying.
Diane Beaumont BS Level 4 (Median) Course Designer
Having used Dark Deer Timers for 2 days of Showjumping and 1 day timing eventing, I found it very easy to set up and the working of it to be very reliable and would highly recommend the set.
John Ormiston Level 4 (Median) Course Designer, Level 2 (1*) Judge