Bespoke Wireless Displays


Bespoke displays which can be any size that is a multiple of 96 cm x 32 cm.  They can also be either single, three or multiple colours.  As an illustration we have priced a 3 colour triple sized display 96 cm x 96 cm.  Please call to discuss your requirements and choose the right display for you.




The displays are made of panels.  The basic display described in this section comprises 6 panels: 3 across and 2 down.  The attached picture shows a detail of a larger display.  Different numbers of panels can be assembled into a frame to produce displays of various sizes.  A popular variant is to have the equivalent of three standard displays stacked vertically.  This gives a 96 cm x 96 cm consisting of 3 lines of 27 mm high characters (11″), containing for example the Rider’s name, horse’s name and the timing information.

Further we can offer these displays in either a single colour or in a three colour configuration (red, green and yellow) and they are still very cheap.  For example, a 96 cm x 96 cm display with 3 colours costs £1,990 – cheaper that competitor’s single line, single colour displays.

They are all wireless and can be run from the mains (default) or from a car battery using an inverter.