Dark Deer Additional Timing Gates


A set of Dark Deer Timing Gates which when added to the basic two gate system, allows Single and Two Phase competitions to be run. The price does not include VAT or Postage.



One additional set of timing gates.  When used with the initial Timing package these will enable the user to hold Single and Two Phase competitions.
If you bought the two gate system, then these can be added to it with no modifications. Use the switch on the back of the receiver gate (the one with the aerial) to set your gates to:

1) Start Gate (Position S)
2) End of Phase 1 and start of Phase 2 (Position F1)
3) End of Phase 2 (Position F2)

And that’s it. Set the Control Panel to Single of Two Phase using the “Configure” button and you are ready to go.

Additional Information
Weight 1.5 kg