Dark Deer Timers


An A7 system comprising one control panel and two sets of gates. The system can be expanded to single or two phase by the addition of another set of gates. The price does not include VAT and Postage.


  • The package includes a control box and two sets of gates which is sufficient for A7 or Basic Timing.
  • Everything is wireless so there are no cables between the gate units and the control box.
  • The maximum distance between the gates and the control box is over 100 metres. The maximum distance between the two gate units is 50 metres
  • Over several trials at BS events, the average time takes to align the gates over distances from 20 to 50 metres was 5 seconds. This is because both components of the gate are active powered units rather than one being a passive reflector.
  • Modern Lithium Ion batteries are used giving an effective usage time of 16 hours and they can be charged with a USB cable from a USB charge station, a computer or a car..
  • The Control box can be connected to your PA system when it will sound a tone to tell the rider to start, stop or that they have been eliminated.
  • There is an optional 45 second countdown after the starting tone.
  • The system can work in A7, Single Phase or Two Phase mode but for Single and Two Phase mode you will need an extra set of gates.
  • You can stop and then resume timing which is needed if a horse refuses a jump but damages the fence.
  • We can supply separately a 7 channel USB charging unit complete with USB cables to connect it to the Gates and Control Panel
  • Tripods are needed for the gates and we can supply these.  Ours have a hook for a heavy sack for increased stability in high winds.
  • The system is accurate to 1/100th second and has all the features you need to run properly timed competitions.
  • We provide a 12 month return to factory warranty

Additional Information
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 25 cm