External Wireless Display


A 1 metre by 30 cm (3′ by 1′) LED matrix display. It has a wireless connection to the Timer Control Panel and the numbers are 27 cm (11″) high and visible at 100 metres. The price does not include VAT or Postage.



The external display features an LED matrix rather than the segments used in other displays.  This means that it can display text as well as numbers.

It is very bright (adjustable from the control panel) and the 11″ high characters can be seen at 100 metres in sunlight. The viewing angle is 160 degrees meaning that people all around the arena will be able to see it. It is waterproof and can be used outside in the rain.

The display is wireless – so no long cables around your arena – and communicates with the control panel at distances up to 100 metres.  It is possible to site multiple displays around an arena and they will all be synchronized.  Further, the displays are made of panels and can be produced in a number of different sizes from the basic 1′ x 3′ model which is suitable for most arenas up to a display 4 times this size.

It runs from a 240V AC mains supply but can also be run from a car battery using an Inverter – which we also sell. Many people site them in a permanent location and find it convenient to provide a mains supply but some of our customers work in the middle of field so the battery option is essential!


Additional Information
Weight 10 kg