A 12V DC to 240V AC Inverter for use with the external display where there is no mains supply. The price does not include VAT or postage



This Ring RINVU500 inverter changes the 12V DC car battery voltage into 240V AC mains voltage needed to power the External Display.  It is only necessary if you want to use the display away from a mains power source.

It is simple to use, just connect the red and black wires to the + and – terminals respectively and then connect the crocodile clips to a car or leisure battery.  Ensure the red wire goes on the positive (+) terminal of the battery and the black wire to the negative (-) terminal.  Plug the display cable into the 3 pin mains plug on the inverter and switch it on.  It also has a USB port for charging USB devices

You can of course use it for other devices but make sure you do not exceed its capacity of 500 Watts – It is very handy during power cuts!



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