Upgrades Available

We have been busy listening to feedback from our customers and have developed some system enhancements that we are pleased to be able to make available to existing customers and are included in the newest model.  These enhancements increase the range, alert you if the gates become misaligned and provide time faults.

For just £60, or £120 if your timing system has an external display (plus P&P), your equipment can be updated to include the latest functionality.

If something happens in the arena and your gates become misaligned for some reason like an obstruction, you can now be alerted in the judging box and the problem can be rectified quickly without delaying the competition.

The range between the gates and the control panel has now been extended to 150 meters giving you added flexibility and continued reliability for the biggest of competitions. Even greater ranges can be achieved by using our external antenna which costs just £50.

Time faults: The newer gates allow you to set the “Allowed Time” for each phase and then will automatically calculate time faults based on the actual times achieved.

Simply call 01456 476750 to request your upgrade and arrange a suitable time for yourselves to ship the equipment to us and we will be able to do the upgrades and return your equipment quickly.


by neil.thomson